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Welcome to the FGFU.NET game portal, where you can play online games for free!

Not so long ago, flash games were common among mini-games, but progress is underway and browsers are getting rid of outdated Adobe Flash technology, removing support for the flash player forever. Now it’s become possible to play flash games without flash on any device thanks to new technology. HTML5 and many WebGL Unity games run easily on phones and tablets running Android and iOS directly in the browser, without installing additional plug-ins.

The purpose of our gaming portal: to provide any Internet user the opportunity to play the best online games for free! Racing, shooters, puzzles, strategies, quests and other interesting games that can be found on our portal are not only created for the computer, but also perfectly adapted to control from the touch screen of a mobile device, and can be deployed to play in full screen.

Play here with friends and enjoy new online games without registration! Have a good time on our online gaming portal!

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